Baby & Mommy Checklist

Baby’s Feeding
Bottle rack -DONE
Bottle and teat brush –DONE
Feeding bottle (4oz and 9oz) –DONE
Pacifier –DONE
Sterilizing tablet DONE
Teats  -DONE
Bottle warmer –KIV
Sterilizer –KIV

Baby’s Nappies
Newborn diapers -DONE
Anti-bacteria detergent -DONE
Napkins -DONE
Cloth Diapers -DONE
Diapers Liner -DONE

Baby’s Bath & Toiletries
Baby bath, shampoo, lotion, powder -DONE
Baby towel DONE
Plastic bath tub DONE
Wash cloth -DONE
Changing Mat

Baby’s Bedding Needs
Baby pillow and bolster -DONE
Pillow and bolster case
Baby cot

Baby’s Healthcare Needs
Baby wipes –DONE
Minyak Telon DONE
Cotton buds (Baby safety) DONE
Nasal aspirator
Nappy cream -DONE
Grooming set (hair brush, nail clipper, etc) –DONE

Baby’s Wardrobe

Long sleeve top -DONE  
Short sleeve top -DONE
Long pants -DONE
Short pants -DONE
Rompers -DONE
Mitten and booties -DONE
Infant cap -DONE
Receiving blankets/Bedung -DONE
Swaddle Blanket -DONE
Barut -DONE

Baby’s Travelling Needs
Infant car seat/Carrier -KIV
Stroller -KIV
Baby’s Bag -DONE

Nursing Accessories
Breast pump -DONE
Breast pad -DONE
Nipple cream -DONE
Nursing bra -DONE
Nipple shield -KIV

   Mommy's Checklist
   Maternity Pad -DONE
   Disposable Briefs -DONE
   Tungku Mummy and Baby -DONE
   Bengkung -DONE
   Shaklee confinement/breastfeeding set

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