Autumz Deluxe Ring Sling To Let Go!

salam dear mommies and readers..

yun nak buat iklan sikit..maaf dipinta...

yun nak letgo Autumz Deluxe Ring Sling (Aluminum Ring)

sebab yun nak beli SSC baru,so taknak simpan yang ni,sebelum buruk tersimpan dalam almari yun nak let go

RM 90 including postage

masa yun beli RM 119.90

9.5/10 (baru 2 minggu beli,like new,pakai kat rumah je)

anyone interested kindly wassap/msg at 012-8010992 or

  • Aluminium rings that lock and grip well
  • Breathable and soft fabric - suitable for hot tropical climate (100% cotton)
  • Soft leg padding to cushion baby's thighs
  • Convenient pockets to keep small articles
  • Compact & lightweight
  • One size fits all
  • Multiple carrying positions allowed
Allowed carrying positions:
  • Tummy-to-tummy Style
  • Cradle Hold Style
  • Kangaroo Style
  • Hip Carry
  • Piggy-Back Style
Suitability :- from newborn (~3.5 kg) till independence (~12 kg)


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