Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 in Malaysia!!

hi dear mommies and readers!

before this ramai yg mengeluh..kenapa Zapp Xtra comes with separate body and seat..

now,introducing u the face lift of new Quinny Zapp Xtra 2, with foldable seat and 3 tyres!!

jgn confuse mommies,before this Zapp Xtra foldable comes with 4 tyres,now its new Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 with 3 tyres, senang nk cilok2 kat shopping mall! =)

for those yang interested,kindly contact mummy yun at 012-8010992 for promo price,or boleh check it out our FB Fanpage: Lil Rayyan Boutique
Brown Fierce

Pink Precious

 Purple Pace
Red Rumours

Rocking Black

a) What's included?
Sun canopy, raincover, shopping basket (max. 5kg), parasol clip and adapters for all Maxi-Cosi infant car seats or Bébé Confort Pebble car seat.

b) Why choose Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 ?
Flexible travel system - The Quinny Zapp Xtra² frame takes any Maxi-Cosi infant car seat or Bébé Confort Pebble car seat for use from birth.
Forward and rearward setting - Choose from several reclining positions for Xtra seating comfort: 3 forward and 2 rearward.
One piece compact folding - The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 cleverly folds to a very compact size.There is no need to remove the seat before folding.

c) Benefits
Very compact - Lightweight, Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 can be folded with the hammock
Extremely Manoeuvrable - The Quinny Zapp Xtra2 swivel wheels guarantee ease of steering, moving around any obstacles in the city. On rough terrain you can opt to lock the swivel wheels.
3 forward and 2 rearward positions - Choose from 3 forward and 2 rearward facing recline positions for Xtra seating comfort.
Raincover - With the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 raincover you're always ready to go in any weather.
Repellant fabrics - Food or drink spill? Don’t worry, the Quinny Zapp Xtra seat is water and dirt repellant, so simply wipe-clean any spills.
Shopping basket - Shopping is made easy with the spacious, easy access shopping basket that holds up to 5 kg.
Recommended Age: From Newborn up to 15.0kg. (Approx 3.5 years old)

d) Product Specifications:-
Packaging Weight: 10.0kg
Packaging Dimension: 30.0cm (L) x 35.0cm (W) x 75.0cm (H)

Mattel Warehouse 2013

salam dear mommies and readers!

lama tau i tak bersiaran...sebab tak berapa sihat lately,nk online pun malas je kalau dah malam2,kat ofis lagila...banyak mata yg memandang..tak syok!

lama tak menjejakkan kaki kat warehouse uols!last 2 weeks bepeluh2 mak buyung meredah jem di pagi hari semata2 nk pergi mattel warehouse 2013!yelaaa...ni la warehouse yg yun tnggggguuu sangat!dulu afif tak besar lagi..so just target fisher price item je..kali ni mak meroyan tgk mainan cars,thomas,hot wheels yg super duper cheap...dah dua kali yun follow mattel warehouse,boleh cekidaut entry ni Mattel Warehouse 2011 and Mattel Warehouse 2012

sampai-sampai 930pg,orang dah ramai..masing-masing dah penuh kotak dengan toys!tapi yun rasa fair je utk semua sebab die akan buka boxes one by one...sometimes kalau kita telambat sikit,kita untung sebab dapat toys lain yg lg best!

hasil rembatan mummy yun! =)

 cars collection RM15-RM20,kalau kat toys r us each almost rm50

fisher price doodle pro,RM60

 Thomas take n play,RM70

utk baby adik! RM80

cars drifters,RM40

 barbie dolls murah uols!nasib takde anak gigirl lagi..hehe

 afif excited dapat toys!

papa geleng kepala tengok mummy memborong,die cakap..lepas ni puasa jangan beli toys utk beberapa bulan..haha!tapi mummy yg over sebenarnya...mummy yg xtahan tengok toys murah-murah..ampun ye papa!hehe.kalau compare dengan parents lain masa warehouse hari tu..masing2 sebenarnya lg excited dr anak...its kinda normal kan...dieorng ckp beli banyak2..jimat..ada yg xbeli after 1 year...kalau tengok kat cashier..ada yg sampai seribu!adoi....serius dieorng angkut macam nak bukak kedai...nafsu mummy blh di control lagi...hehe!

ada2 sapa join mattel warehouse last 2 weeks,mehla share hasil rembatan anda! =)

till then,take care dear mommies!

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