Peplum Blouse

Salam dear mommies and readers...

Niat dihati nk update pasal Rayyan Afif..tapi nk iklan jap boleh...hikhik

Introducing PEPLUM BLOUSE at RM40!!

U can mix and match with long skirts,palazo or pants!its up to u to go for casual or formal look! :)

Pre order colour: Black,Grey,Teal Green,Turqoise,Mustard,Berry Purple,Electric Blue,Pastel Pink


Shoulder: 14"
Bust: 32"
Waist: 28"
Sleeves: 22.5"
Length: 29"

interested?kindly text mummy yun at 012-8010992!buy 2 or more,entitled special discounts! =)

Mind Your Language...

salam dear mommies and readers...

fuhhhhhh!!lama tak jenguk sini...mood blogging kembali..tapi this anonymous just spoil my mood!

first of all sorry for those yg request recipe,yun tak sempat send thru email..yes i admit,i am busy working and went home late at night,nak layan anak yg makin aktif,nk online pun curi-curi masa before memang takde masa nk jenguk blog and bukak email...and come to this anonymous request for recipe and yun tak reply she keep sending offensive comments!!please dear mom...mind your language...sedih okey bila baca comment macam tu dari seorng ibu..and there are tonnes of recipes and books u can google from internet..perlu ke nak maki-maki...recipe ni pun saya bagi free...lainla kalau awak bayar saya tak send thru email...sedih...sedih...

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