Fisher Price Rocking Baby Bouncer on SALES!!!

Salam dear mommies and readers!

Lil Rayyan Boutique is back with promotions!Mega Sales on Fisher Price items!


Our Best Price: RM140

Dimensions 23 "x 20" x 25 ".
Weight capacity 25 lbs

*Rocking Baby Bouncer features 2 fun little baby characters on links hanging toys that can be connected to 4 different points on the toyarms - high for baby to watch, or low baby to touch - or they can be with mom and baby.

*The toy arm easy access and really close-up views of mother and baby finger play.

*The seat is really snuggle baby and offers deep side walls.

*It has 4 sturdy points of contact with the ground for maximum stability, together with mom's favorite soother vibration.

*There are 3 musical modes - lullabies, playful and soothing sound effects.

*Requires 3 "AA" batteries and 1 "D" batteries not included.

interested??kindly text me at 012-8010992.(Yun)


Baby Pasta Recipes

Salam dear mommies and readers.. 

 Kali ni yun nak share resipi pasta for baby,hari tu saja gatal post kat FB,then ramai request for recipe,kihkih.. So yun share kat sini k,buat tatapan mummy semua..:) 

As a mother,kita kene kreatif dlm pelbagaikan menu harian anak kite..kdng2 anak ni cpt bosan,so kite kene rajin menggodek and eksperimen di dapur..kesian afif,salu jadi bahan eksperimen mummy!sorry sayang... =)

actually ni resipi 'edisi belasah' from mummy yun,yg penting nutrients complete with protein,carb, and vitamins! 

 1. Pasta+salmon+brocolli

a) i'm using extra virgin olive oil..
b) introducing alphabet pasta!guna baby heinz pasta pn okey..=)
c)cook the pasta according to the instruction on the packet. 
d) prepare chicken stock or chicken soup,macam yun lebih senang buat chicken soup together with brocolli/carrot/potatoes/ guna isi ayam..senang.. =)
e) pasta and ready chicken soup~
f) blend 
g) ready for afif~

 2. Pasta+salmon/dory fillet+carrot+cheese
a) can use either salmon/dory fillet!
b) Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and saute Onion till softened. Add the salmon/fillet until it turns opaque.Add
carrots,boiled pasta,and cheese.
c)Bring to the boil and simmer for 6 minutes.

so,anyone nk share pasta recipes,u r most welcome,nk tau jugak resipi orng lain...heeeee! =)

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