Bestie Engagement

hardly cant wait for February to come...It was my besties engagement,Marini Suhaimi & chenta hati nya Khairul,yesterday,early in the morning we rushed back to

majlis start after zuhur,so before rombongan smpai,kami berphotogedix bersama photographer..the official photos were taken by Photofr3ak..the photographer was so sporting,so did we yesterday..kesian die kene layan giler2 and sewelness ktorng..and btw i got a new name which is Mak Yung a.k.a Mak Buyung..nice huh?layan kan jelaaaa...

my besties, Dr. Alyn,Yun,Nana & Ikmar

candid!!blessed for the sisterhood and very best childhood them so much!

super gorgeous!!luv ur dress!!

congrtazz dear!!muahh~

both of my pengapits were officially booked!!congratz to both of u..cant wait for the big day!!yeahh!!!


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