Happy Birthday to my dearie Mama...

hari ni,5th may 2010..genap mama 47 tahun..nothing much to say,jus wanna wish u Happy Burfdayy to my dearest mama..Pn. Nor Afizah Salleh..

apple of my heart..

to my dear mama, i hope everyone can see, what a great mom you've always been, and how much you mean to me..u r simply the best mama, n thnx for being such a caring, luving, n a good listener to me..u r the best mama n the bestest fren i've ever had...luv u!!muahhh!!

i wish i was in KL,celebrating her burfday..tp xpe,next week nk blk KL,mayb we gonna hv a post burfday party,hehehe! c u in KL mama..luv u!!muahhh! =))

dis pic was taken during her burfday last year.. miss them so much..hukhukhuk~

incomplete family pics.. (umar cm biase muke sengal ubi,haha!)


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