Car Service..

las saturday,i've decided to service my car...instead of goin to perodua juru,ktorng pn try for the 1st time pegi new perodua service centre kat Jawi,jus a few metres from our home.. 4 bulan rs nye xservis,huhuhu!jus a normal service,pasang rear wiper yg kene curi hari tu,tuka brake fluid,n plus ader servis cuci kerete skali..overall the services were gud!two thumbs up!bukan sekadar servis je,they even provide wif consultation..klu pergi perodua juru,xder maknenye dieorng nk buat cm2,sbb mayb rmai sgt customer servis kat,next time blh servis kat sini je, sgt convenience n dekat,xyh redah highway n tol..hehe~ =))

mr. hubby yg setia menemani ku..=))

Sevice Area..


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