My Wedding Dress!

a) Solemnization
yun nk dress yg simple je,bju putih or off-white.kurung moden je pn ok..i've got some idea for baju nikah while browsing Arma Wedding Couture Fotopages.cntik kan?i luv the red roses too..

credit to arma.. =)

b) Marhaban (after nikah)
marhaban n bacaan tahlil will b after the nikah,mayb after isya' mcm i decide to wear a dress or jubah yg sopan skit..but still look stunning n gorgeous ..yela pengantin kan.. =)

found dis pic while browsing newly weds blog.. =)

c) Reception
for reception,yun da discuss ngn kak shida on the phone.i've deciced on champagne n green theme.cntik x?erm..xdpt bygkan cmner,tp tgk kat majalah pengantin tu cntik..for the colours shud b ok,n the design yun da pn plih design from cosry boutique.. =)

dis 1 must b superb!!

p/s: yayang rs ok x?hehe!


jatt January 15, 2010 at 9:30 PM  

Cyg, i can't wait to see you in those dress!muah!!

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