1 month to be exact..

yesterday,me & mama had completed all the items for our hantaran..

i jus wanna to re-check the checklist 2 make sure everything is done..


For Her
*Kain (done)
*Telekung (done)
*Cincin (done)
*Sireh Junjung

abg's had completed his list,n oso the bekas cincin..at last..i manage to get the chepest n yet classic,it's act. based on the design of the hantaran,klu kene ngn susun aturnye,okla..tgkla nti cmner.. =)

For Him
*Baju melayu + Songket (done)
*Sejadah (done)
*Perfume (done)
*Buah (sponsored by nana,tq!)
*Tepak sireh
*Potpourri (done)

finally,sme brg da complete..n plng hepi kotak kayu (english style) dpt gak akhirnye!yeah~i've got two boxes for RM60~

dulang pn da beli, n oso alas skali..erm..now jus tnggu aunty asma design the deco n hantaran..

1month to be exact..insyaAllah.. =)


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