Final CheckList..

* For her

  1. Kain (done)
  2. Telekung (done)
  3. Cincin (done)
  4. Buah
  5. Chocolate
  6. Tepak Sireh
  7. Extra

* For him

  1. Baju melayu + Songket (done)
  2. Sejadah
  3. Chocolate
  4. Buah (sponsored by nana,tq!)
  5. Cupcake
  6. Tepak sireh
  7. extra
  8. extra
  9. extra

its not actually the final checklist,but a new checklist from the previous post actually..i dont hv any idea what else should i giv abg..erm..i think abg had complete most of the items dat he need to buy..jus a few things macam makanan kene beli last2,xkn nk beli skang,hehehe~

i was excited yesterday, during the ring's hunting..1st we went to poh kong,budget murh la skit,mayb we can get below than 1000 for the engagement ring,unfortunately all the prices nearly 1200++,so abg decide better we check it out at Habib Jewels..

i was thinkin' it must b expensive too..tapi..tapi...tapi..lucky me,during dat time ader offer..waaaa! my eyes keep staring at those blink2,without blinkin' n my eyes wide open...pilih2 jgn kene tgk price tag die jugakk,xleh mahal2 sgt..bru tunang kan,xleh over the last,i adore this gold ring with yg sdihnye,i hv to grab another one as the gold ring cant be resized,erm..terpaksela amik yg white gold wif the sme xpela,its still look good on me,perasan jap,huhuhu~the price look reasonable after discount,so without hesitation i jus grab it!!

thanx so much abg say,nti kwin,leh mintk yg up skit,hehehe~luv u!muahh!!
here some pic..

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