PGSC Bowling Tournament

Yesterday was so hectic..pg2 lg terpakse bgn sbb ader appointment ngn Vistana Hotel regarding the national conference dis comin oct..overall,everything was OK..sempt g tgk apartment for comitte members n oso for the invited speakers..the ballroom is huge..but the prob is the seminar rooms is so expensive,they charged RM1200 per day..Fuh~ at least we need two extra seminar ends around,we headed to usm main campus,plan nk g anta glassware kat school chemical science..yg besnye dieorng ader bengkel kaca yg boleh repair glassware yg patah,bukan pecah bederai yee..hehe~bincng2 ngn technician die kate ok,but kene anta Q form dulu bru blh repair..cmner la nk ckp ngn Dr. ni..adoi~

then,perut pn da lapa,i'm givin' suggestion mkn kat Pasta Mania,Gurney's of my fav!everyone was so satisfied wif the lunch..kenyang glee~lookin' at the bills 4 of us was so shocked..bukan sbb mahal sgt,but really affordable..they didnt hv service charge!sbb tu murh..hehe~

smpai kat usm,around 3pm..i was the one who drove the car,mmg sgt penat,memandangkan yg nek sume bdn pickup pn jd lmbt skit,minyak pn kene tekan lebih..pentnyee..tetdola smpai kul 5pm..

then..530pm kene bersiap2 plak g Megamall..lupe plak ader bowling tournament,pent td pn xabis lg..we hv to play for three games!cm las year men pn smpai kul 1 lebih,pent die jgn ckpla..our team came out wif weird name..'Terbaik Dr Ladang' mesti keje en.rokman ni..huhuhu~overall,las nite mmg pn utk ske2 je..but it was not so bad..sme grup pn dpt hamper... =)

Our team 'Terbaik dari Ladang'..So Damn Funny!

owh,lupe plak..btw i bought a new strorybook..yg telah diidam2 kan since las week.. 'Confession of a Shopaholic'..i luv the sequel books by Sophie Kinsella..its all about shopaholic girl,then turnout to be a mother..dis girl in dis book really potrayed how a woman behaves in a real life,women luv shoppin',same goes wif me!!sanggup berabis duit semate2 bnda yg sgt2 diidam2 kan..teringt plak las 2 weeks,i jus bought a new Guess handbag..haha!cm gilerla,sbb ms 2 gaji pn xmasuk lg,tp blh beli beg..cm2la perempuan... =)

p/s: i oso bought a new blouse las nite...70% beb!apelg rembatla...


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