i Luv Tags!hehe~

xder keje sbnrnye,sj2 nk fill in tags ni..grab from a fren of mine!

Name: Nurul Mujahidah Bt Ahmad Khairuddin

Siblings: 3 sisters (very loud n hyper) & one and only brother

Shoe size: 5/36

Height: not surela...150cm kot (yes,i am shorty)

Where do you live: Kepong, KL..but currently in Penang

Favourite drinks: Starfruit Juicee..

Fallen asleep in school: erm...pk jap. Penah kot ms dulu,ms tu ader exam kajian tempatan,but half through ms jwb exam pening gler kepala,then tetdo smpai ms tamat,hehe,tp nsb sempat wat smpai abis..so the moral is,make sure u done all the questions wif answers b4 u went 2 sleep,ngeh2~

Broken some one's heart: Not sure..xmo jwb blh?

Fell off your chair: ops..penah,dat was in 2002 kat tuisyen,gler batak men swivel chair ngn alyn,then terjatuh depan student len n cikgu,malu gler nk mati..i ran n cried out!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: xpenh..but waitin' for msg salula..ms tu abg salu tdo dulu,sbb penat keje..i was so selfish at dat time,salu merajuk,hehe~

What is your room like: Clean n tidy..but a bit dusty,esp kat dinding,susahla nk bersihkan,huhu~

What's right beside you: Handphone ku..teman rapatku..

Do you believe in love at first sight: yup...abg, u better answer dis!hohoho~

Who was the last person you danced with: my sisters..ader time giler2 dtg ari tu,ngeee~

Last made you smile: My Sayangness..(my family,they came las 2 days,hepinyee dieorg dtg.. & abg..every day i met him,he makes me smile)

You last yelled at: Dinah..she is soooooooo noty!

Best feeling in the world: To be love by some1 dat is totally truly madly deeply fall in luv wif u!

What's under your bed: Shoes..Boxes..Laundry basket..

Who do you really hate: i hate hypocritos..i hate backstabber!

Is there a person who is on your mind right now: uncountable..

Do you want children: Of course, i luv babies..

Do you smile often: Dependsla..klu mood baik senyum je.. =)

Do you like your hand-writing: Yup,tp mama salu ckp tulisan ku mcm budak skolah,bulat2..huhu~

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: i miss my bed at home..even terpakse squeezed and cramped jus to fit in 4 of us..i jus like it..i wont experienced the same thing when i get married,i'll miss the atmosphere n the smell..

What colour shirt are you wearing: Not shirt, a pink pyjama..

When did you cry last: Las 2 weeks ms tu on the phone wif mama..

Are you a friendly person: yes..most of the time!huhu~

Are you too forgiving: Nope..seriously cm mama ckp,yun ni keras hati..but dependsla,klu bnda tu sgt menyakitkan,mmg akan ingt smpai ble2..sometimes i learn to forgive people easily,but they take for granted.. =(

Who was the last person you cried in front of: Mama n Baba..dat was during the 1st day of raye..sob2..sob2..

How many people can you say you've really loved: First n foremost my luvly family..i luv them so much as they really meant a lot 2 me..n my hubby-to-be.. =D

Do you eat healthy: Nope..i hate veggy! n i really fussy psl mkn2 ni..huhu~

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: ~NOPE~

Are you loud or quiet most of the time: Very Loud..tnye abg!huhuhu~

Are you confident: 50/50

5 things on my to-do list:
* save a few hundreds at least a month for my brg2 hantaran..
* buy sidney sheldon's novel
* read more jurnals to complete my 2 papers..
* new sandal!!
* goin home dis comin' raye haji =)

We have been together...

Oh,its Weekend..here i come!!

After a tiring week wif lab works, we decided to go jalan2 las saturday..jus nk tuka angin,so we headed to gurney mall!it was a bad traffic congestion on the bridge..we only arrived at 530pm at gurney mall..

we watched quantum of solace..overall i can give 5/10..the action is good,but the jalan cerite was so-so je..i noticed my fren make a statement that this is not quantum of solace,but..quantum of so-lame!huhuhu!

here i upload some yummy2 pizza dat we had at the pastamania..it was delicious n the prices reasonable too..no regret!

not forgotten,also some pic for the people i heart so much..there u go..Mr. Rohaizad Yusoff!luv u yayang!

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