Shop Till U Drop!

Yesterday,me n abg went to a new Jusco at Seberang Prai..the shopping mall quite huge,n same wif the old wing one-utama,yet i found a new place for shopping spree,hehe!wat i've been thinking before went here is jus i wanna have lunch at johnny's restaurant..i ordered a set of steamboat n abg had a ginger's fried rice..yummy!the prices are reasonable n the foods look really inviting too..for me,xsah klu kua tanpa membeli apape,hehe~

guess wat, i bought a new blusher from elianto n a shirt from PDI..later i'll update the pics ya!

sadly,the new TGV is not opened yet,so we went 2 our fav mall for muvies..xlen xbukan megamall prai..huhu~we watched dont mess wif zohan..the muvie okla,full wif laughter n a bit lucah,i donno why zohan kept showing his tut tut from the start n until the end of the muvie..hohoho~

here again i bought a new nike bag (lame di idam2 kan,akhirnye dpt gak!), a new blouse from Nicole, n 3 pairs of cute socks..okla kan,bru dpt 1st gaji,dats why terlebih excited..till here!anyway,thnx syg..bwk yun jalan2, n thnx for the lunch n also muvie!luv u so much!muah!

As promises..

as promises dis is the latest pic dat was taken from las weekend..n a few pics captured during umar's burfday at kenny rogers,the curve..

Dinah's new rabbit..snowy & Blackey!so adorable!

at silver pots, n sewelness bro!

among the gorgeous men in my life..did i leftanyone?hehe~miss my buntal..

super duper n yummy tomyam!look at dinah's face..xsaba da tu,huhu!

kenny rogers,the look like pregnant mummy!duh!so gemuk!

another glimpse of me..tembamnyee!am i gaining a few kilos??

where r u looking at mama?hehe~cm juling plak,ilusi optik ni..

Home sweet home!

las friday, me n che na went bak to KL jus for a weekend holiday, a day off from lab works n research..we went back by bus n i cant recall when is the las time i travel wif bus!duh!i would say dat i dont prefer travel by bus cz it makes me felt dizzy n wanna throw out!but..las friday,the mara liner bus was so comfort,i cant belive dat i finally reached KL by 1045pm without muntah2,pening2..hehe~waaa...thnx god!

the next day,was dinah's burfday was so fun n yet a bit tiring..all of us was so bz prepared the deco,balloons, door gifts, presents for game n lucky draw,n also foods for the day..the best present dat evening was a pair of rabbits from aliah's frens..the rabbits was so cute n fluffy..dina came out wif a cute names..snowy n blacky!sounds cute isnt it?hehe~

On sunday,we went for a family photoshoot for my graduation day at YS Fujifilm at SS2 PJ.i must say dat this shop kind of popular among the residence all around Selangor n KL.when we reached there at 1230pm,it was pack wif peoples waiting for the photoshoot..we r so satisfied wif the pictures n the photgrapher was so profesional.. =D. after the photoshoot we went for lunch at SIlver Pots TTDI,the food was extremely delicious n superb..for those who luv chinese cuisine,u guys better check it out this restaurant at TTDI,beside ALi Kafe that owned by popular singer Nurul (ex wife Ajai) if im not mistaken la..the prices are reasonable n budget RM20++ per person..

a few days at home,makes me thinking of abg..windunyee kat diee!hehe~mayb later i should post some pictures from dinah's burfday party n also at silver pots..ntila ek,malasnye nk upload pic..till heree!daa~

My Dream Vacation!

if i have a lot of cash, i luv to travel all around the world,i wanna capture the best scenery and every moment of the journey..experienced the lifestyle of the peoples..some of the places i dream of are listed below..berangan je dulu,klu ader extra cash la,hehe!

1) Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia

Dreamworld is the largest theme park in australia,i bet u really need a lot of cash to enjoy every ride in the park..its really awesome after browsing through the website..jus like heaven after imagine spending the whole day in the theme park..i luv the family ride,where u can enjoy every ride together wif ur family as im not such an adventerous n yet so brave to ride on thrill ride,hehe~so klu takut pn xpe,sbb rmai2 ,bukan sowng2 nek,huhu~

2) Bali, Indonesia

one of my fav place for hunnymooners..hehe~the atmosphere seems to be classy n romantic..i like the bali touch from the furnitures,to the spa, n their resort..erm..besnyeee!berangan lg ni..ish2!ble nk kwin ni....

3) Pulau Sipadan

not for hunnymooners,but jus for family relaxing if u can laid back near the beach n experienced the crystal clear of water..n the most important activities that i luv most is snorkerlling!yeah!instead i dont have scuba license, it will be ok klu snorkelling je..worth it rite..

Graduation Day!Yeah!!

finally,the day that i've been waited so long..the graduation day!i was so excited the day before,u know why?me n miza keep practising in our room,wearing heels n jubah,so funny,i kept laughing all the time..hehe. before the memorable day,dat evening baba n mama picked me up at hostel n we headed to park royal,batu feringgi..yet it was the same hotel during dow's family day.. i luv how the hotel management expert in entertain their customers,when u entered the room,they served u wif bunches of local fruits n some chocolates..yummy!

the next day,at 12pm we checked out n headed to main campus usm..i was panicked becoz its almost an hour we stucked in the traffic jam..duh!better next time we stayed at bayan lepas,damn! we safely arrived at 145pm,usm was packed wif cars n peoples,n yet we have 2 walk to pusat islam for solat..
oh god,the traffic congestion too bad!

i hate the atmosphere,it was kelam kabut, n i didnt manage to have lunch indeed,no time,u have to rush n rush!i got blisters on my both legs n it kept bleeding..can u imagine how painful it is..n so bad when my heels got stuck in the drain grating n i felt down..adoi,malunyee!n there is a girl giving me some plasters,thnx ya!it such a great relief n less painful..

after entering the dewan tunku syed putra (DTSP)..brula lega sgt2,i can relaxed and comfortly sit according the numbers given..i kept calling mama so make sure they are safely seated in the hall..the event start wif lagu negaraku,lagu usm..semua sgt bersemangat, n me 2!sing so loud,hehe!

after received the scroll from the pro cansellor,i was hepi,no more nervousness..hehe!syukur tiada babak terjatuh or tergelincir ,i must say dat i'm clumsyy..huhu!

after 3 hours in dtsp,sme nye selesai..legenyee!i ran to dinah,aleeya,elin n abg!i got flowers n katak..thnx so much!then baba n mama came,we start our family photo session..n not forgotten my dear abg,soon-to-be part of the family 2!
thnx syg!

thnx so much 2 mama,baba,my dearest sisters,n dearie abg...i knew they had been so tired the whole day waitin' patiently until the end of the sad,dat umar could not join us,but don wori bro,i'll bring back my jubah for our next photo session in KL k!

thnx so much..luv u guys so much!!

Lepaking at Mamak until 6 am..

i've never done dis before,lepaking at mamak, from 1am until 6am in the morning..well,actually its fun but a bit tiring,but no regret after listening to those stories from the girls..windu lame xborak2 ngn kema,sha,ama lame2 cmnie..but after dat nite,i realized dat there's a secret such a relief 2 hear but a bit shocked!for u my dear fren..wat i can say dat bersabar k, i felt so sad bcoz i only hear the story from the other side,but from the start i never insist 2 ask her why n why n why??but after dat nite, i learn one thing..people wont change without any reason..bak kate che na kte jgnla dgr cerite sebelah pihak shaja,ader sbb kenap die wat cmnie n wat cm2..siasat dulu..never jump into conclusion bcoz mayb u will end up making a wrong decision..

hope everything will be ok..

Sesi Mengambil Jubah @ Gown Fitting Session..

starts with our jouney 2 penang island at dat time,ktorng sampai sane,rmai da student2 len..the feeling was so genuine,cm xcaye plak nk amik jubah da,bak kate miza berdebar-debar cm nk kwin plak, funny!after settled sme,siap dgn gown fitiing session sme,ktorng pn decide ke Queensbay Mall,our main plan nk mkn SUSHI KING!!again,after a month makan kat juru ngn ayu n miza..

me,ayu n che na ordered set of tori khomi and sakana black pepper..its really superb n delicious..i bet che na must be really satisfied with the lunch today!

My new blog entry..

i couldnt believe dat im actually posting a blog,hehe~after abg encourage me to do so,i am tryin' 2 post something here..well,2day we went for a date,cm besela,makan2 n tgk wayang..n abg bought a new stripe shirt dat really look good on him,i was tergode when look at him wearing dat shirt in the fitting room..i cant wait 2 see him during my convocation dis coming friday..n not forgotten my entire family,except umar..why uia give them only a week for their midterm break??duh~how blessed when all the family gathered for my convocation day,it must be a historic moment of my life..after waiting for 4 years and throughout difficulties and hectic of the undergraduate life,i finally come 2 the was a relief and blessed..thanx Allah for the showered happy with all the people around me,especially my supportive family, my sayangness (abg)..they gave me luv and care to the fullest, n understand me better than anyone could do..Alhamdullilah..the journey of my life are now advancing to the next level..n now i'm a postgraduate student and the new journey begin..welcome back to the hectic and stressful life.. =D

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