Pesta Penang 2008!

i guessed it has been quite a while since i updated my previous blog..las saturday, me n abg went to Penang for our usual weeknd activity!my fav..jalan2,window shopping..n i spent more than hundred buy dis n was fun n bit tiring though..i was thinkin' to take a peek at Pesta Penang..

i cant recall when is the las time i went 2 pesta,the way mama cte cm da lame sgt,n dat time jus only two of us,me n aliah..nk nek ni,tp cm laju sgt..

gayat gler nek ni..

btw,i wanna thnx syg for the wonderful ride n games!!byk wit kte abis kan..but u know wat,it was fun,yeahh~

pas naik euro wheel,cover muke cuak,hehe~


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