Oh,its Weekend..here i come!!

After a tiring week wif lab works, we decided to go jalan2 las saturday..jus nk tuka angin,so we headed to gurney mall!it was a bad traffic congestion on the bridge..we only arrived at 530pm at gurney mall..

we watched quantum of solace..overall i can give 5/10..the action is good,but the jalan cerite was so-so je..i noticed my fren make a statement that this is not quantum of solace,but..quantum of so-lame!huhuhu!

here i upload some yummy2 pizza dat we had at the pastamania..it was delicious n the prices reasonable too..no regret!

not forgotten,also some pic for the people i heart so much..there u go..Mr. Rohaizad Yusoff!luv u yayang!


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