A week after raye break..

a week after break..byk benda yg telah berlaku..raye dis year a bit different from previous year,atok dan nenek due2 da xder..yet another things past,which is merisik on las saturday..majlis bejalan ngn lancar,family abg smpai dlm 1230pm,start wif lunch,then solat zuhor,then bru bincng2..dis is the climax part,where both family discuss,but not so detail..jus surface2 je..i was so nervous..pabila cincin disarungkan ke jari ku,oh malunyee xterkate,yet i'm not so gracefull,takut je cm nmpk nervous or budget ayu,hehe~but at last sme nye selesai,alhamdulillah,jus we dont decide the date yet..i'm hoping n pray,everything will b ok,hopefully me n abg dilimpahkan rezeki yg murh,or mayb who knows,sudden rezeki..amin~

besides,i've been called for the 2nd time for the nsf interview..dis is so called rezeki,i will try my very best for dis scholarship..pray 4 me k..n also for the usm fellowhip interview!oh god,need a lot of preparation.."Ya Allah,permudahkanla segala urusanku di dunia dan diakhirat..Amin~"

Cincin merisik (abg says: would u marry me?? me:yes,of course dear!!) hehehe..

Raye 2008!

i upload some pics during raye..all blue in colours!

thnx dear fwens for coming..luv u guys! (dat was after merisik,hehe)

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