my 23rd burfday...thanx syg!!

i'm a year older today,22nd September 2008..23 oready..wat a bless..syukur alhamdulillah.everyone wishing n kept saying get married la,kwin cpt2,i really wanna get married as soon as possible..hehe~i was touched when mama msg me dis mornin' n said dat she oready bought me a present..thnx mum,i really luv u so much..

yesterday,me n abg went 2 queensbay mall,i wanna have sushi for a treat..thnx yayang..i do appreciate everything dat u gave me after we've been together for almost 4 years,i do remember every single things even from the simplest things..u fetch me from the railway station evrytime i went back 2 KL..u came here to usm all da way from ur office jus wanna have dinner wif me,went to pasar mlm..i really appreciate dat,even sometimes yun xsaba kan klu syg lmbt skit..truly,deeply from the bottom of my heart,i wanna thank u for everything syg..i'm the luckiest girl to be luved by someone like u..thnx again syg..aneway syg,thnx so much for the luvly gift..i jus luv it n its smell good n feel sexy,haha~

p/s:thnx dear frens,family,abg for the wishes n luvly cards n also presents..luv u guys so much!may allah showered us wif bless n luv..amin..


jatt October 5, 2008 at 7:46 PM  

welcome syg..luv u so much!!

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