A Few Days At Home..

Last monday i went back 2 KL,seems so frequent yet its only a few weeks after dinah's party las august..baba called me las friday, he told me dat i got interview wif petronas research centre at KLCC, so i hav 2 go la kan..the interview goes well n actually its not so called as formal interview,jus a laid back of interview,chit chat,dats it..but i still felt a bit tensed when we arrived at tower 1,i'm still nervous even baba said jus relax,imagine dat u r only meet ur supervisor,huhu~i never dreamt of being here at level 36,tower 1 KLCC..hehe~baba said only staffs n for those who have appointments n important matters will be allowed to go up here..erm,so strict how they secured the twin towers..the interview only end up after 1 hours,fuh..wat a relief..

bessnye bebuke kat umah,i'm so glad to be at home..i'm so grateful 2 have such a sporting mom that alwiz cook the best foods for us..i salute her..she's done a lot of housework n never complaint of being tired..luv u so much mama..sdihnye,when i ask her to cook sambal ikan bilis ,then suddenly i left it at home, n forgot to put inside my bag.. =(

i cant wait 2 be at home for dis comin' raye..i already collect a few recipes for kuih raye n cakes..mayb dis year i should bake some,mayb 3 or 4 jenis pn ok la kan..n 1 more thing i cant wait for dis raye as something will be happen..is it the new status transformation??or tak2,not yet..jus one step to the next level..or mayb after dis i'm clear for my future, n i hope everything goes well n smoothly as planned..all da bes for me!


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