Breaking Fast at Restoran Nelayan Juru

7 of us went to restoran nelayan las wednesday..radin,ayu,me,miza,nolin,anah n sha..quite far actually,it took about 40 minutes from USM..when we arrived there at 710 pm,its already packed wif people,luckily i've booked oready dat evening together wif the are some pics that we took..have a look!

the foods seem delicious n inviting..but the saddest part is 5 of us ended wif cirit birit yesterday..frankly speaking,i'm the worse actually,then goes to ayu..lin,anah n radin only had a mild was painful n i'm not be able to stand any longer so i hv to batalkan puase wif a glass of water..a glass of water actually good to avoid dehydration..unlucky me!


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