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Yesterday,me n abg went to a new Jusco at Seberang Prai..the shopping mall quite huge,n same wif the old wing one-utama,yet i found a new place for shopping spree,hehe!wat i've been thinking before went here is jus i wanna have lunch at johnny's restaurant..i ordered a set of steamboat n abg had a ginger's fried rice..yummy!the prices are reasonable n the foods look really inviting too..for me,xsah klu kua tanpa membeli apape,hehe~

guess wat, i bought a new blusher from elianto n a shirt from PDI..later i'll update the pics ya!

sadly,the new TGV is not opened yet,so we went 2 our fav mall for muvies..xlen xbukan megamall prai..huhu~we watched dont mess wif zohan..the muvie okla,full wif laughter n a bit lucah,i donno why zohan kept showing his tut tut from the start n until the end of the muvie..hohoho~

here again i bought a new nike bag (lame di idam2 kan,akhirnye dpt gak!), a new blouse from Nicole, n 3 pairs of cute socks..okla kan,bru dpt 1st gaji,dats why terlebih excited..till here!anyway,thnx syg..bwk yun jalan2, n thnx for the lunch n also muvie!luv u so much!muah!


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