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i couldnt believe dat im actually posting a blog,hehe~after abg encourage me to do so,i am tryin' 2 post something here..well,2day we went for a date,cm besela,makan2 n tgk wayang..n abg bought a new stripe shirt dat really look good on him,i was tergode when look at him wearing dat shirt in the fitting room..i cant wait 2 see him during my convocation dis coming friday..n not forgotten my entire family,except umar..why uia give them only a week for their midterm break??duh~how blessed when all the family gathered for my convocation day,it must be a historic moment of my life..after waiting for 4 years and throughout difficulties and hectic of the undergraduate life,i finally come 2 the was a relief and blessed..thanx Allah for the showered happy with all the people around me,especially my supportive family, my sayangness (abg)..they gave me luv and care to the fullest, n understand me better than anyone could do..Alhamdullilah..the journey of my life are now advancing to the next level..n now i'm a postgraduate student and the new journey begin..welcome back to the hectic and stressful life.. =D


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