My Dream Vacation!

if i have a lot of cash, i luv to travel all around the world,i wanna capture the best scenery and every moment of the journey..experienced the lifestyle of the peoples..some of the places i dream of are listed below..berangan je dulu,klu ader extra cash la,hehe!

1) Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia

Dreamworld is the largest theme park in australia,i bet u really need a lot of cash to enjoy every ride in the park..its really awesome after browsing through the website..jus like heaven after imagine spending the whole day in the theme park..i luv the family ride,where u can enjoy every ride together wif ur family as im not such an adventerous n yet so brave to ride on thrill ride,hehe~so klu takut pn xpe,sbb rmai2 ,bukan sowng2 nek,huhu~

2) Bali, Indonesia

one of my fav place for hunnymooners..hehe~the atmosphere seems to be classy n romantic..i like the bali touch from the furnitures,to the spa, n their resort..erm..besnyeee!berangan lg ni..ish2!ble nk kwin ni....

3) Pulau Sipadan

not for hunnymooners,but jus for family relaxing if u can laid back near the beach n experienced the crystal clear of water..n the most important activities that i luv most is snorkerlling!yeah!instead i dont have scuba license, it will be ok klu snorkelling je..worth it rite..


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