Lepaking at Mamak until 6 am..

i've never done dis before,lepaking at mamak, from 1am until 6am in the morning..well,actually its fun but a bit tiring,but no regret after listening to those stories from the girls..windu lame xborak2 ngn kema,sha,ama lame2 cmnie..but after dat nite,i realized dat there's a secret revealed..it such a relief 2 hear but a bit shocked!for u my dear fren..wat i can say dat bersabar k, i felt so sad bcoz i only hear the story from the other side,but from the start i never insist 2 ask her why n why n why??but after dat nite, i learn one thing..people wont change without any reason..bak kate che na kte jgnla dgr cerite sebelah pihak shaja,ader sbb kenap die wat cmnie n wat cm2..siasat dulu..never jump into conclusion bcoz mayb u will end up making a wrong decision..

hope everything will be ok..


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