Home sweet home!

las friday, me n che na went bak to KL jus for a weekend holiday, a day off from lab works n research..we went back by bus n i cant recall when is the las time i travel wif bus!duh!i would say dat i dont prefer travel by bus cz it makes me felt dizzy n wanna throw out!but..las friday,the mara liner bus was so comfort,i cant belive dat i finally reached KL by 1045pm without muntah2,pening2..hehe~waaa...thnx god!

the next day,was dinah's burfday party..it was so fun n yet a bit tiring..all of us was so bz prepared the deco,balloons, door gifts, presents for game n lucky draw,n also foods for the day..the best present dat evening was a pair of rabbits from aliah's frens..the rabbits was so cute n fluffy..dina came out wif a cute names..snowy n blacky!sounds cute isnt it?hehe~

On sunday,we went for a family photoshoot for my graduation day at YS Fujifilm at SS2 PJ.i must say dat this shop kind of popular among the residence all around Selangor n KL.when we reached there at 1230pm,it was pack wif peoples waiting for the photoshoot..we r so satisfied wif the pictures n the photgrapher was so profesional.. =D. after the photoshoot we went for lunch at SIlver Pots TTDI,the food was extremely delicious n superb..for those who luv chinese cuisine,u guys better check it out this restaurant at TTDI,beside ALi Kafe that owned by popular singer Nurul (ex wife Ajai) if im not mistaken la..the prices are reasonable n budget RM20++ per person..

a few days at home,makes me thinking of abg..windunyee kat diee!hehe~mayb later i should post some pictures from dinah's burfday party n also at silver pots..ntila ek,malasnye nk upload pic..till heree!daa~


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