Graduation Day!Yeah!!

finally,the day that i've been waited so long..the graduation day!i was so excited the day before,u know why?me n miza keep practising in our room,wearing heels n jubah,so funny,i kept laughing all the time..hehe. before the memorable day,dat evening baba n mama picked me up at hostel n we headed to park royal,batu feringgi..yet it was the same hotel during dow's family day.. i luv how the hotel management expert in entertain their customers,when u entered the room,they served u wif bunches of local fruits n some chocolates..yummy!

the next day,at 12pm we checked out n headed to main campus usm..i was panicked becoz its almost an hour we stucked in the traffic jam..duh!better next time we stayed at bayan lepas,damn! we safely arrived at 145pm,usm was packed wif cars n peoples,n yet we have 2 walk to pusat islam for solat..
oh god,the traffic congestion too bad!

i hate the atmosphere,it was kelam kabut, n i didnt manage to have lunch indeed,no time,u have to rush n rush!i got blisters on my both legs n it kept bleeding..can u imagine how painful it is..n so bad when my heels got stuck in the drain grating n i felt down..adoi,malunyee!n there is a girl giving me some plasters,thnx ya!it such a great relief n less painful..

after entering the dewan tunku syed putra (DTSP)..brula lega sgt2,i can relaxed and comfortly sit according the numbers given..i kept calling mama so make sure they are safely seated in the hall..the event start wif lagu negaraku,lagu usm..semua sgt bersemangat, n me 2!sing so loud,hehe!

after received the scroll from the pro cansellor,i was hepi,no more nervousness..hehe!syukur tiada babak terjatuh or tergelincir ,i must say dat i'm clumsyy..huhu!

after 3 hours in dtsp,sme nye selesai..legenyee!i ran to dinah,aleeya,elin n abg!i got flowers n katak..thnx so much!then baba n mama came,we start our family photo session..n not forgotten my dear abg,soon-to-be part of the family 2!
thnx syg!

thnx so much 2 mama,baba,my dearest sisters,n dearie abg...i knew they had been so tired the whole day waitin' patiently until the end of the sad,dat umar could not join us,but don wori bro,i'll bring back my jubah for our next photo session in KL k!

thnx so much..luv u guys so much!!


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