Hantaran 4 our engagement..

well,actually we r planning 4 our engagement day..as far as i know,abg decides on june,as dis month gonna be the school holidays..

our plan for the hantaran's are listed below..

~for him~
:: baju melayu
:: songket
:: shoes
:: sejadah n kain pelekat
:: sirih junjung
:: buah
:: cupcakes

~for her~
:: telekung
:: kain
:: cincin (wajibbb!)
:: sirih junjung
:: buah/cake/coklat

the checklist jus as a guide for us,so dat we can roughly budget for each item..

Pesta Penang 2008!

i guessed it has been quite a while since i updated my previous blog..las saturday, me n abg went to Penang for our usual weeknd activity!my fav..jalan2,window shopping..n i spent more than hundred buy dis n dat..it was fun n bit tiring though..i was thinkin' to take a peek at Pesta Penang..

i cant recall when is the las time i went 2 pesta,the way mama cte cm da lame sgt,n dat time jus only two of us,me n aliah..nk nek ni,tp cm laju sgt..

gayat gler nek ni..

btw,i wanna thnx syg for the wonderful ride n games!!byk wit kte abis kan..but u know wat,it was fun,yeahh~

pas naik euro wheel,cover muke cuak,hehe~

i Luv Tags!hehe~

xder keje sbnrnye,sj2 nk fill in tags ni..grab from a fren of mine!

Name: Nurul Mujahidah Bt Ahmad Khairuddin

Siblings: 3 sisters (very loud n hyper) & one and only brother

Shoe size: 5/36

Height: not surela...150cm kot (yes,i am shorty)

Where do you live: Kepong, KL..but currently in Penang

Favourite drinks: Starfruit Juicee..

Fallen asleep in school: erm...pk jap. Penah kot ms dulu,ms tu ader exam kajian tempatan,but half through ms jwb exam pening gler kepala,then tetdo smpai ms tamat,hehe,tp nsb sempat wat smpai abis..so the moral is,make sure u done all the questions wif answers b4 u went 2 sleep,ngeh2~

Broken some one's heart: Not sure..xmo jwb blh?

Fell off your chair: ops..penah,dat was in 2002 kat tuisyen,gler batak men swivel chair ngn alyn,then terjatuh depan student len n cikgu,malu gler nk mati..i ran n cried out!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: xpenh..but waitin' for msg salula..ms tu abg salu tdo dulu,sbb penat keje..i was so selfish at dat time,salu merajuk,hehe~

What is your room like: Clean n tidy..but a bit dusty,esp kat dinding,susahla nk bersihkan,huhu~

What's right beside you: Handphone ku..teman rapatku..

Do you believe in love at first sight: yup...abg, u better answer dis!hohoho~

Who was the last person you danced with: my sisters..ader time giler2 dtg ari tu,ngeee~

Last made you smile: My Sayangness..(my family,they came las 2 days,hepinyee dieorg dtg.. & abg..every day i met him,he makes me smile)

You last yelled at: Dinah..she is soooooooo noty!

Best feeling in the world: To be love by some1 dat is totally truly madly deeply fall in luv wif u!

What's under your bed: Shoes..Boxes..Laundry basket..

Who do you really hate: i hate hypocritos..i hate backstabber!

Is there a person who is on your mind right now: uncountable..

Do you want children: Of course, i luv babies..

Do you smile often: Dependsla..klu mood baik senyum je.. =)

Do you like your hand-writing: Yup,tp mama salu ckp tulisan ku mcm budak skolah,bulat2..huhu~

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: i miss my bed at home..even terpakse squeezed and cramped jus to fit in 4 of us..i jus like it..i wont experienced the same thing when i get married,i'll miss the atmosphere n the smell..

What colour shirt are you wearing: Not shirt, a pink pyjama..

When did you cry last: Las 2 weeks ms tu on the phone wif mama..

Are you a friendly person: yes..most of the time!huhu~

Are you too forgiving: Nope..seriously cm mama ckp,yun ni keras hati..but dependsla,klu bnda tu sgt menyakitkan,mmg akan ingt smpai ble2..sometimes i learn to forgive people easily,but they take for granted.. =(

Who was the last person you cried in front of: Mama n Baba..dat was during the 1st day of raye..sob2..sob2..

How many people can you say you've really loved: First n foremost my luvly family..i luv them so much as they really meant a lot 2 me..n my hubby-to-be.. =D

Do you eat healthy: Nope..i hate veggy! n i really fussy psl mkn2 ni..huhu~

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex: ~NOPE~

Are you loud or quiet most of the time: Very Loud..tnye abg!huhuhu~

Are you confident: 50/50

5 things on my to-do list:
* save a few hundreds at least a month for my brg2 hantaran..
* buy sidney sheldon's novel
* read more jurnals to complete my 2 papers..
* new sandal!!
* goin home dis comin' raye haji =)

We have been together...

Oh,its Weekend..here i come!!

After a tiring week wif lab works, we decided to go jalan2 las saturday..jus nk tuka angin,so we headed to gurney mall!it was a bad traffic congestion on the bridge..we only arrived at 530pm at gurney mall..

we watched quantum of solace..overall i can give 5/10..the action is good,but the jalan cerite was so-so je..i noticed my fren make a statement that this is not quantum of solace,but..quantum of so-lame!huhuhu!

here i upload some yummy2 pizza dat we had at the pastamania..it was delicious n the prices reasonable too..no regret!

not forgotten,also some pic for the people i heart so much..there u go..Mr. Rohaizad Yusoff!luv u yayang!

A week after raye break..

a week after break..byk benda yg telah berlaku..raye dis year a bit different from previous year,atok dan nenek due2 da xder..yet another things past,which is merisik on las saturday..majlis bejalan ngn lancar,family abg smpai dlm 1230pm,start wif lunch,then solat zuhor,then bru bincng2..dis is the climax part,where both family discuss,but not so detail..jus surface2 je..i was so nervous..pabila cincin disarungkan ke jari ku,oh malunyee xterkate,yet i'm not so gracefull,takut je cm nmpk nervous or budget ayu,hehe~but at last sme nye selesai,alhamdulillah,jus we dont decide the date yet..i'm hoping n pray,everything will b ok,hopefully me n abg dilimpahkan rezeki yg murh,or mayb who knows,sudden rezeki..amin~

besides,i've been called for the 2nd time for the nsf interview..dis is so called rezeki,i will try my very best for dis scholarship..pray 4 me k..n also for the usm fellowhip interview!oh god,need a lot of preparation.."Ya Allah,permudahkanla segala urusanku di dunia dan diakhirat..Amin~"

Cincin merisik (abg says: would u marry me?? me:yes,of course dear!!) hehehe..

Raye 2008!

i upload some pics during raye..all blue in colours!

thnx dear fwens for coming..luv u guys! (dat was after merisik,hehe)

my 23rd burfday...thanx syg!!

i'm a year older today,22nd September 2008..23 oready..wat a bless..syukur alhamdulillah.everyone wishing n kept saying get married la,kwin cpt2,i really wanna get married as soon as possible..hehe~i was touched when mama msg me dis mornin' n said dat she oready bought me a present..thnx mum,i really luv u so much..

yesterday,me n abg went 2 queensbay mall,i wanna have sushi for a treat..thnx yayang..i do appreciate everything dat u gave me after we've been together for almost 4 years,i do remember every single things even from the simplest things..u fetch me from the railway station evrytime i went back 2 KL..u came here to usm all da way from ur office jus wanna have dinner wif me,went to pasar mlm..i really appreciate dat,even sometimes yun xsaba kan klu syg lmbt skit..truly,deeply from the bottom of my heart,i wanna thank u for everything syg..i'm the luckiest girl to be luved by someone like u..thnx again syg..aneway syg,thnx so much for the luvly gift..i jus luv it n its smell good n feel sexy,haha~

p/s:thnx dear frens,family,abg for the wishes n luvly cards n also presents..luv u guys so much!may allah showered us wif bless n luv..amin..

Breaking Fast at Restoran Nelayan Juru

7 of us went to restoran nelayan las wednesday..radin,ayu,me,miza,nolin,anah n sha..quite far actually,it took about 40 minutes from USM..when we arrived there at 710 pm,its already packed wif people,luckily i've booked oready dat evening together wif the menu..here are some pics that we took..have a look!

the foods seem delicious n inviting..but the saddest part is 5 of us ended wif cirit birit yesterday..frankly speaking,i'm the worse actually,then goes to ayu..lin,anah n radin only had a mild stomachache..it was painful n i'm not be able to stand any longer so i hv to batalkan puase wif a glass of water..a glass of water actually good to avoid dehydration..unlucky me!

New Cousin..It's A baby girl!!

she's seems hungry..craving for milk ye?huhu~

las 2 days,kak lyna text me jus 2 informed dat she had jus delivered at KBMC (Kg Baru Medical Centre).it's a baby girl,she's so adorable..isnt it?Putih...gebunyee!! da lame xder adik kecik,so mmg sgt teringin nk dukung baby..mayb dis raye,i'll visit to kak lyna's place,i cant wait 2 c dis baby girl!still no name..mayb later i guess..i dreamt of name aina batrisyia,cute kan?hehe~

i missed the NSF scholarship..

well..i've been told by miza dat today is the las day called for the NSF interview..i felt a bit terkilan actually for not making for the short listed for the interview,but i jus redha n think dat mayb its not my rezeki for NSF..i told Dr Razaina,n she cant believe dat i couldnt make it for the interview..i passed the requirements as they wanted too,mayb my research title not so popular among the researchers in msia..yeke??nthla..Dr Razaina advise me to called the NSF office which located in putrajaya to make sure dat i'm really disqualified or wat..i called dis guy,n he's really helpful actually.i was shocked when he said dat my name is on the list for the INTERVIEW..n the record said dat they had called but i never picked up the phone..oh god!when i checked my phone,there are no incoming calls or missed calls..i donno why dis stupid things happen?or mayb dis is wat u called xder rezeki..then i rushed back to see Dr Razaina n told her everything, n i cant believe dat i almost burst out tears..same goes to Dr..mayb yela kan,a bit terkilan..really..it was.. =(

i called mama n mama said "its ok,xder rezki tu..u can try other scholarship or mayb u pnye rezeki kat tempt len.." she said doa la byk2 bulan pose ni..a bit relief after call mama..actually i've been hoping for dis scholarship, n petronas is the other choice,bcoz its seems hard for them for making up decisions as they want to fwd my name to the petronas scholarship unit,it takes time actually..n now,redha jela,dpt mane2 pn xpe,i'll grab for it..

i felt so hurt dat somebody really bad mouthed talking about me..i admit dat baba helps me a lot n send my resume to Collin Patrick the HOD of polymer department Petronas Research Centre Bangi..n yet i heard someone dat said... "nampak sgt pakai cable". how does u feel when u knew dat?so wats her/his prob?jelous is it?come on la..give space to someone else..i never done anything wrong to u,so why dont u jus back off PLEZZ!!

A Few Days At Home..

Last monday i went back 2 KL,seems so frequent yet its only a few weeks after dinah's party las august..baba called me las friday, he told me dat i got interview wif petronas research centre at KLCC, so i hav 2 go la kan..the interview goes well n actually its not so called as formal interview,jus a laid back of interview,chit chat,dats it..but i still felt a bit tensed when we arrived at tower 1,i'm still nervous even baba said jus relax,imagine dat u r only meet ur supervisor,huhu~i never dreamt of being here at level 36,tower 1 KLCC..hehe~baba said only staffs n for those who have appointments n important matters will be allowed to go up here..erm,so strict how they secured the twin towers..the interview only end up after 1 hours,fuh..wat a relief..

bessnye bebuke kat umah,i'm so glad to be at home..i'm so grateful 2 have such a sporting mom that alwiz cook the best foods for us..i salute her..she's done a lot of housework n never complaint of being tired..luv u so much mama..sdihnye,when i ask her to cook sambal ikan bilis ,then suddenly i left it at home, n forgot to put inside my bag.. =(

i cant wait 2 be at home for dis comin' raye..i already collect a few recipes for kuih raye n cakes..mayb dis year i should bake some,mayb 3 or 4 jenis pn ok la kan..n 1 more thing i cant wait for dis raye as something will be happen..is it the new status transformation??or tak2,not yet..jus one step to the next level..or mayb after dis i'm clear for my future, n i hope everything goes well n smoothly as planned..all da bes for me!


to all USM students..now goverment has annouced that USM is selected to join the APEX program n declared as APEX university..congratulations to all!!

PUTRAJAYA: Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) hari ini berjaya dipilih untuk menyertai Program Pemacuan Untuk Kecemerlangan atau Apex dengan mengetepikan tiga lagi universiti, termasuk Universiti Malaya (UM).

Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, berkata pemilihan USM adalah berdasarkan kepada pelan tranformasi dan kesediaannya untuk berubah seperti yang terkandung dalam kertas cadangannya, memenuhi kriteria pemilihan yang diperlukan.

“Pemilihan bagi program Apex tidak hanya melihat kepada pencapaian dan kecemerlangan lepas tetapi lebih kepada perancangan masa depan serta sama ada universiti itu dapat mencapai status bertaraf dunia dalam tempoh yang diberikan iaitu lima tahun,” katanya semasa mengumumkan pemilihan USM di sini hari ini.
Katanya, dalam tempoh itu, USM mesti berada di antara 100 universiti terbaik dunia dan berada di dalam senarai 50 universiti terbaik dunia pada 2020.

“Kita lihat dulu bagaimana kejayaan USM selepas itu barulah keputusan dibuat sama ada akan terdapat satu lagi universiti dipilih untuk program Apex,” katanya.

Ditanya mengapa UM sebagai universiti tertua negara tidak terpilih, Mohamed Khaled berkata: “Pemilihan USM tidak bermaksud universiti lain akan dipinggirkan sebaliknya diharapkan ia akan menjadi perangsang kepada universiti yang tidak terpilih untuk terus berusaha mencapai status yang lebih baik dan bertaraf dunia.” Sebanyak sembilan universiti seluruh negara telah menghantar permohonan dan hanya empat universiti iaitu USM, UM, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) dan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) disenarai pendek.
Kertas cadangan USM bertemakan “Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

Universiti Apex ialah pengiktirafan yang diberikan kepada IPT tempatan yang menjadi penanda aras di peringkat dunia dalam bidang pengajian tinggi dan dijanjikan autonomi daripada segi kewangan, skim perkhidmatan, pengurusan, pengambilan pelajar, kepemimpinan tertinggi dan penetapan yuran pengajian. — Bernama

Shop Till U Drop!

Yesterday,me n abg went to a new Jusco at Seberang Prai..the shopping mall quite huge,n same wif the old wing one-utama,yet i found a new place for shopping spree,hehe!wat i've been thinking before went here is jus i wanna have lunch at johnny's restaurant..i ordered a set of steamboat n abg had a ginger's fried rice..yummy!the prices are reasonable n the foods look really inviting too..for me,xsah klu kua tanpa membeli apape,hehe~

guess wat, i bought a new blusher from elianto n a shirt from PDI..later i'll update the pics ya!

sadly,the new TGV is not opened yet,so we went 2 our fav mall for muvies..xlen xbukan megamall prai..huhu~we watched dont mess wif zohan..the muvie okla,full wif laughter n a bit lucah,i donno why zohan kept showing his tut tut from the start n until the end of the muvie..hohoho~

here again i bought a new nike bag (lame di idam2 kan,akhirnye dpt gak!), a new blouse from Nicole, n 3 pairs of cute socks..okla kan,bru dpt 1st gaji,dats why terlebih excited..till here!anyway,thnx syg..bwk yun jalan2, n thnx for the lunch n also muvie!luv u so much!muah!

As promises..

as promises dis is the latest pic dat was taken from las weekend..n a few pics captured during umar's burfday at kenny rogers,the curve..

Dinah's new rabbit..snowy & Blackey!so adorable!

at silver pots,TTDI..me n sewelness bro!

among the gorgeous men in my life..did i leftanyone?hehe~miss my buntal..

super duper n yummy tomyam!look at dinah's face..xsaba da tu,huhu!

kenny rogers,the curve..me look like pregnant mummy!duh!so gemuk!

another glimpse of me..tembamnyee!am i gaining a few kilos??

where r u looking at mama?hehe~cm juling plak,ilusi optik ni..

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